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Hello! I'm Jia Zhi and I enjoy learning new perspectives and designing meaningful solutions for users.






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A gamified lifestyle app to encourage NTU students to choose healthy food using design thinking.

Academic and user research were carried out to support design decisions and to meet user needs.

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An employee app to access internal functions. My work focused on an amenity booking function.

Database was designed using Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams and implemented using OutSystems.

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A social food app to help Singaporeans eating in groups to decide on food options.

Food option is decided through a group-survey for individuals to input their preferences. App was designed through UX design methods (Persona, Affinity Map, Customer Journey Map).

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A comparison feature to save shopers time and money, and boost sales for Shopee.

Designed for Shopee's Product and Design Challenge (Top 30/700).


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Enhance UX design of SeaTalk’s help center website.

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Designed and deployed NTU College of Engineering blog for prospect students.

A web application that sells Disney movies. Website functions includes category filter, media (song, video, image), and a shop cart.

Dyanmic pages were created using Java and MySQL was used for the database.
(Website not published)

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Developed an e-commerce website for branding and selling beancurd.

(Development in progress)

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Redesigned the Singapore's Zoo homepage to attract young Singaporeans to buy tickets and visit the zoo.

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Designed an e-commerce website for a mock restaurant to attract potential customers using persuasion techniques.


Developed a 3D-classroom to make e-learning engaging for primary school students.

Application has multiplayer-ability with voice and chat, screen sharing, avatars, animations and an in-game shop.


An escape game where players have to escape heaven and return back to earth to get married.

The game features a unique storyline with 3 stages, a collection point game, a rhythm piano game, and a quiz.


Designed a 3D lamp model using Autodesk Inventor through synthetic, pragmatic, and semantic analysis of an ikea lamp. Posters were designed using Adobe Illustrator.

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A prototype town made with Arduino and electrical components.

The town includes a "self-driving" car that moves by detecting colours and town components. The town has components like traffic lights, speed detector, weather forecasting, and ERPs.

Built for a summer project with friends.

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Chatbot Eggy teaches people about eggs in a light-hearted manner. Eggy can instruct people methods to cook eggs, teach egg facts, and entertain.

Built for "Build-A-Bot 2020" challenge hosted by AI4IMPACT.

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Analysed avocado data set to predict origin, type, and price using machine learning algorithms

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